Hearing Evaluation

There is absolutely no charge for your hearing evaluation and consultation.

At The Hearing Aid Center our hearing evaluations are a family affair. It is important that a loved-one accompany you on your visit.

Your first appointment will be very educational; you will be able to discuss many aspects of hearing loss and the various treatment options. Having another person you trust accompany you can ease anxiety and make it a more comfortable experience for you. Additionally, the familiar voice of your loved-one may actually be used for hearing amplification demonstration.

Your hearing evaluation will consist of:

  • Video Otoscopy – This allows you to see the inside of your ear canal on a video screen, and see what we see! During this exam we will be looking for anything unusual that might explain your hearing trouble, including signs of any medical conditions or wax build-up in your ears.
  • Pure Tone Audiometry – This exam allows us to see what your hearing sensitivity is for each ear at different frequencies and different intensities, and allows us to determine what degree of hearing loss you may have.
  • Bone Conductivity Test – This exam allows us to determine how well your inner ear is working. We are able to bypass the outer and middle ear and reach the auditory nerve through vibration in the skull bones.
  • Speech Audiometry – This exam allows us to determine how well you are able to hear and understand speech. In conjunction with pure tone audiometry, this exam provides information that helps to determine proper fitting ranges, and expectations for a hearing instrument.

Immediately following the hearing evaluation, your specialist will review with you the tests you’ve just completed in language that you understand. The explanation will include if you do or do not have a hearing loss, the type and degree of loss, and a summary of possible treatment options based on your testing results. Additionally, they can provide information on the consequences of untreated hearing loss. You and your loved-one are encouraged to ask questions at any time.

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