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Patient Testimonials

I love my hearing aid, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Now I don’t have to ask people over and over again what they’re saying! I also don’t talk as loud as I used to. I needed this years ago. Thank you for my hearing to all at The Hearing Aid Center!
Edith Allman, Columbia Office
My hearing aids have totally changed my life! I love being able to hear things that we often take for granted – birds singing are a beautiful sound! I advise anyone with hearing loss to have it checked, there is nothing to lose and it can also change your life.
Donna Gray, Lawrenceburg Office
I have had at least 8 sets of hearing aids over the past 32 years. Nothing has matched the quality of sound nor the price of the devices from The Hearing Aid Center. Service is outstanding, readily given and with a cheerful smile. These people are all terrific and the products are excellent.
George Bremer, Fayetteville Office
I love my hearing aids, but I think my wife loves them even more! I tell everyone I know to go to The Hearing Aid Center, and that it doesn’t cost anything to find out if they can help you. I really appreciate all that Cassie and Tiffany have done to help me with my hearing, and recommend if you’re having trouble hearing to go see them!
Mark Dempsey, Fayetteville Office
I finally took my lovely wife’s advice and reluctantly looked into getting hearing aids. I am not deaf or anything, but I found I was asking folks to repeat themselves more often as I aged. I resisted hearing aids because it carried a stigma, for me anyway, that one is growing old and dependent. I contacted The Hearing Aid Center in Dickson and got tested by Cassie Tuminello who analyzed my hearing test and suggested a set that would be best for me. Cassie was a pleasure to deal with. She was professional and very knowledgeable of the products she offers. At no time did I feel pressured or pushed to decide on a product. She takes time to make sue you are well informed before making a decision. After the initial “fitting” and orientation, I was a satisfied customer. Tiffany Huskey met with me over the next month doing minor adjustments to make my auditory experience the best that it can be. Like Cassie, Tiffany was very professional and informative. She listened carefully to my feedback and questions, and made sure I as a satisfied customer. The whole experience at The Hearing Aid Center was pleasant and productive. I need to hear well in my career. The Hearing Aid Center made that happen. My lovely wife is happy too! Thank you Cassie and Tiffany!
Tim Ellrich, Dickson Office
The Hearing Aid Center of Lawrenceburg has changed my life. For the last two years the service that Cassie and Tiffany have provided has enabled me to hear like normal and enjoy conversations that were difficult in the past. I highly recommend The Hearing Aid Center of Lawrenceburg.
Bill Patterson, Lawrenceburg Office
If anybody doubts whether or not hearing aids work, believe me they do! The people at The Hearing Aid Center are the most courteous people I’ve ever done business with. They really know what they’re doing and really know their products.
Charles Jacks, Decherd Office
I had forgotten how beautiful the birds could sing, and what a pleasure it is to visit and have a conversation with people until I visited The Hearing Aid Center. Thanks Cassie Tuminello and all the folks at the center!
Bedford Graves, Decherd Office
I should have purchased my hearing aids much sooner. It is a blessing each day as it has opened the whole world to me. I don’t want to miss out with my wonderful friends. I love my hearing aids!
Joan Penfold, Tullahoma Office
Not only do I enjoy my hearing aids, but I had fun with the hearing aid people, and now they are my friends!
Leland Hatfield, Manchester Office
These are the best things I’ve ever had! I can shoot pool with the guys and the background noise is not a problem. My TV is finally NOT too loud, which has made my wife very happy! I love my hearing aids and I wear them all the time!
Chuck VanDuzer, Manchester Office
Since the first day David and Donda put hearing aids on me, my quality of life went up 1000%! My triplet grandchildren looked at me and said, “Dadah, you don’t say, huh, anymore!” I knew things were going to be okay. David and Donda do business on a promise and a handshake. They promise to help you with your hearing problems to the best of their ability, and the handshake is your agreement to pay for their service/equipment. Like David told me, “Wear these for 2 weeks, if you don’t like ‘em bring ‘em back to me, and if you like ‘em then you can come back and pay me.” They are the hardest working folks I know and will do whatever it takes to make everything right!
Kevin Syler, Decherd Office
Folks of Middle Tennessee, take it from me. If you want to hear what’s being said, come see the people at The Hearing Aid Center!
Mike Hall, Fayetteville Office
Great Service, Great People!
Larry Dykes, Decherd Office
I am so thankful to have these hearing aids. They brought my life back to me. Thank you Amy Watson.
Catherine Salter, Manchester Office
These people will change your life! They are honest, knowledgeable, and so nice. They are in business to help you any way they can. The whole staff is wonderful! I can participate in life because I can now hear, and I can hear because of the people at The Hearing Aid Center!
Donna Steele, Decherd Office
A huge thank you to all of the wonderful people at The Hearing Aid Center for taking care of all of our hearing needs and for providing superior service. The nicest, most patient, and accommodating staff!
Don & Jane Corley, Shelbyville Office
My new hearing aids feel so natural, I don’t even know I have them in!
Helen Amason, Fayetteville Office
If I would have known how great my hearing aids would be, I would have gotten them a lot sooner!
Carl Monin, Tullahoma Office
All the people at The Hearing Aid Center have been so friendly and nice toward me. They have really changed my life, I don’t know what I would do without my hearing aids!
Bonnie Gipson, Decherd Office
It is such a wonderful world when you can hear. One of the most surprising things for me was hearing the sound of my own voice in my left ear for the first time in many years. I highly recommend The Hearing Aid Center!
Charles Hammons, Fayetteville Office
I have been pleased with my “new ears”. I am hearing better than I have in years! I have done much better than I ever thought I would with hearing aids, and I tell everyone how much I enjoy my hearing aids. I am so glad that I chose The Hearing Aid Center, the girls here are so nice!
Ruby Jacobs, Columbia Office
I can’t describe what a difference my hearing aids have made in my life! Thank you so much to everyone at The Hearing Aid Center!
Dorothy Holder, Lewisburg Office
After being fit with my new hearing aids, my life is so much better. The staff are all so caring and sweet. They are the best people. Their convenient payment plans make for such affordable living. I am so surprised by how well I am able to hear now and even my daughters are so excited to not hear my TV from all the way outside anymore!
Elaine Callis, Columbia Office
I would not trade anything for my experience at The Hearing Aid Center. I tried hearing aids with two other companies in the past, and they just didn’t work for me. My new hearing aid allows me to enjoy hearing all of the sounds that I’ve been missing, and even helps to reduce the ringing in my ear! I highly recommend The Hearing Aid Center to anyone needing help with their hearing, and just wish I would have found them sooner!
Willie Strait, Lawrenceburg Office
Thank you to everyone at The Hearing Aid Center for helping me hear and understand everyone so much better!
Roy Evans, Tullahoma Office
Many years ago I had been told that hearing aids would never help. I always believed that until Cassie told me different. These hearing aids are the best things ever! I have always enjoyed squirrel hunting, and as a teen I could hear squirrels chewing on hickory nuts, and then I got to where I couldn’t hear them at all, I could only see the limbs moving or the nut clippings falling from the trees. These hearing aids are giving me my youth back! I can’t wait to go squirrel hunting! I’m hearing things that are out of this world! Thank you everyone at The Hearing Aid Center!
Ronnie Martin, Dickson Office